Now I give you the "Journal"

Now I give you the "Journal"

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Feb. 6th  #FBJ "JOURNAL" 

Track 7 on the Facebook Journal

Track 7 on the Facebook Journal

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Champagne Life "New Years Celebration"

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Bubbas Night Club, Dupont Highway, Dover De

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Mack Presents "Christmas Pot Luck"

Dover De

My brother spreads his holiday cheer with an amazing Pot Luck Spread and a Featured Live performance by BIgfrank302. "Invite Only"

Fruendzone X Big Frank feat. Brown Sug 

WELCOME TO THE FRUNEDZONE Available on Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, Amazon , Pandora , Iheartradio MAY 24TH !!!! 

This record has been 2 years in the making. Produced by the Late Tyorzel "VIctory" Gaston and featuring Brown Sug formerly of FLOW CITY now Lead performer of Delaware's own "Hoochie Coochie" Written,arranged & performed by Roosevelt "BIGFRANK302" Thomas engineered by Yung Rocko of Flow City. Its a Love tragedy soul session with R&B percussion that knocks in any sound system. With precise collaborations of Delaware talent Fruendzone is promised to exploit the very essence of Delawares sound! Soulful harmonies mixed with street savvy lyrics.

To vote Fuendzone to be nominated for the Independent Music Awards CLICK HERE  2016!!!



we prolly shouldnt CROSS  that line /we've been down for so long you know its WRONG as hell sometimes/ yet im the one that sets it straight , you see they get your LOVE and I get second place.    yeah 4x 


but get down get DOWN with yo bad ass/ get down get down with yo bad ass/ but how long is that gonna LAST/ now you want me and i want you and thats TRUE/ you've been HURT before been hurt before me too/ but i want to KISS  your bottom lip is that cool/  i worked up the nerve and im coming over to you 


But You ALWAYS say you love me and you always be there for me 

But you NEVER once agreed/  you never ever told me/ you never thought would it could be what it would be out this FRIENDZONE 


every time you cross my MIND/ i think back on times you made your other sisters SMILE/ oh yea i noticed i put that in quotations this time/ you TRYING to get me in my FEELINGS yeah/ you see the TRUTH i been concealing yeah/  regret that we are still friends yeah/ but why would i let this END 



hold up you know that i want ya you know i cant help it its been too many YEARS now your being SELFISH im starting to give up a FEAR of REJECTION i dont want to be dont want to be your friend just a friend 


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